Climate Resilient Assets Assessment Tool

Integrate climate risk into your business strategy

CRAAT - making your business self-sufficient in assessing the risks of climate change.  Works within your existing risk management process to provides a quantitative assessment of the likelihood of climate events occurring and a structured approach to assessing their consequence, climate risk and vulnerability. 

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Physical and Transition risks

Physical risks to your assets

Pre-configured with likelihood statistics of climate events occurring at your asset.  Linked to a wide range of consequences, described in terms of opportunity costs (the cost of doing nothing) and level of disruption.

Climate risks and, following adaptation, residual climate vulnerability can be defined using sector specific guidance or aligned to your risk management process.

Changing destinations

For airports we provide a standard risk profile coupled to airport location-specific climate data to assess the impact on your revenue.  Likelihood of climate events at destination airports is expressed as days of disruption and potential reduction in revenue.

CRAAT can also be used to analyse longer term patterns in climate related risks and opportunities across your portfolio of destination airports.

Under the hood

Reference method

Uses the latest guidance published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in 2021 and 2022.

Data driven process

CRAAT can be pre-configured to provide climate risk data for 9300+ airports, utilising the output of 20+ climate models from national and global archives for different climate experiments.  175 climate event thresholds for airports identified to date...

Quantitative risk assessment

CRAAT uses a threshold approach to define each climate event, enabling the likelihood of each event to be statistically derived from the output of climate models.  These thresholds can also tie the event directly to specific consequences at the airport.

Software as a Service

Specifically designed to support collaboration across different teams at the airport.

Provided on an annual license basis with a pre-agreed user profile:

  • Hub: one site, 5-10 users
  • Hub and spokes: hub with dependencies, 10-50 users
  • Constellation, 50-500+ usersData rights and analytics 

All data shared by the Customer to Susteer shall be treated as confidential unless otherwise agreed, or such data is already publicly available.

CRAAT remains the intellectual property of Susteer.  Climate data is licensed in accordance with national archives and the Climate Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6).

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