A Global Approach to Assessing the Climate Resilience of Airports


We are delighted our paper on a global approach to assessing the climate resilience of airports was accepted for publication following the 33rd Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The paper presents the results of assessing the climate resilience of eight representative airports to demonstrate how recent ICAO guidance on climate resilience can be applied consistently to better inform airport managers. The approach uses the sixth iteration of IPCC climate projections to specify climate conditions in terms of event thresholds that can be directly associated with consequences and hence, the climate risk to airport operations. This is a step change from existing methods of assessing the climate resilience of airports which tend to refer to more general statements such as “average summer temperatures may increase by 3-5oC” from which a general list of consequences is identified. This step change is in line with ICAO guidance. The results of testing the method with eight globally representative airports are also presented, illustrating how this method can be used to provide a consistent assessment of climate risk for airports around the world.


You can access the paper here.